December 14, 2011

51 Practical Tips for Establishing (or Re-establishing) an Islamic Atmosphere in the Home

The first several years after we became Muslim, no matter what we had, it felt like an Islamic household. Over the years (especially since moving to Muslim countries, go figure), that Islamic feel had begun to creep away. So, I brainstormed ways to get that atmosphere back (and did a little googling) and came up with these tips, some of which I have started using (or re-using) already. The checklist list is categorized so you can quickly find tips to put into action according to your biggest/most pressing needs, in shaa Allah.

Creating an Islamic atmosphere is much more than gussying up the decor of your home, in fact it's just a small part. While the checklist includes suggestions for visual enhancements it also includes behavior/actions you can take to get (or put back) that Islamic feeling in your home, in shaa Allah.

Creating an Islamic Atmosphere in the Home

I hope you find it helpful!

Can you add anymore to the list?

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  1. as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi. can i complement us both by saying "great minds think alike!" lol. i also have a blog with the same topic as yours. i think we both started them around the same time without knowing it before hand. i enjoy visiting all your blogs.
    take care,
    ~umm H


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