November 1, 2011

Household Organizer/Notebook/Binder

I had so much success with my student organizers (mentioned over at the TJ Homeschooling Sites) that I decided to give my household binder another try. (I started one last year, but it  never really got off the ground). This time, I'm modeling them somewhat after what I have done for the student organizers and it is shaping up rather nicely, alhamdulillah. I think I was somewhat more motivated because to go along with that I have had so much success recently with reorganizing my household, maa shaa Allah. It doesn't run perfectly (and it never will) but alhamdulillah, things are running much more efficiently.

As with my student organizers, I brainstormed all the different types of things that would be handy in my household organizer. Below is my brainstorm list. I've compiled many printouts already and organized them in my binder and am slowly working on the rest, in shaa Allah. I may not use everything, but comprehensive list making is a habit of mine and who knows, I may eventually use everything.

Anyway, here's the list below. In shaa Allah, as with the other organizers, I hope to link to the resources eventually. Many of the printouts can be found here at Running A Muslim Home and some others I have linked to on other sites:

(If you are new to Household binders, notebooks, etc. please check the "Household Notebooks" tag as I have linked to a few sites with good background information and tips for setting up one).

Household Organizer


That's a picture of my cover. You can download it and this list along with a few simple tabs I created.  It's a work in progress and eventually I may add some divider pages, but for now the tabs are working for me (I taped them onto my page protectors).


·         12 month calendar for current year and following year(s)
·         Monthly Calendars
·         Keep in Touch Calendar


·         To Do List Template
·         To Purchase/Wish List Template


·         Family Medical& Emergency Contact List (also keep one posted in conspicuous place in house)
·         Business, Services & Errand Contact List
·         Address Book


·         Metric/US Equivalents
·         Oven Temperature Conversions
·         Pan Sizes
·         Substitutions-Alcohol
·         Substitutions-General/Emergency
·         Substitutions-Herbs & Spices

Meal Planning & Grocery

·         Master Meal List-Breakfast/Suhoor
·         Master Meal List-Lunch
·         Master Meal List-Dinner
·         Weekly Meal Planning Forms
·         Master Grocery List
·         Spices List
·         Grocery List Templates
·         Stock Up/Staples List


·         Cleaning Schedule
·         Chore Roster Template
·         Cleaning How To’s/Guide Sheets

Clothing & Laundry

·         Laundry Stain Removal Guide
·         Fabric Care Guide
·         Clothing & Shoe Size Chart
·         Laundry Schedule Template

Household Property

·         Warranties
·         Manual booklets (store bulky manuals in separate location)
·         Inventory List, by room


·         Recommended Maintenance Schedule
·         Repair log


·         Monthly Budget
·         Bill List/Contact Information
·         Bill Payment Tracker

Health& Fitness

·         Doctor/Health Insurance Information
·         Medical History sheets for each family member
·         Consent to Treat
·         Medicine Trackers
·         Personal Data sheets on each family member
·         Body Measurement Tracker
·         Exercise Routine Template
·         Blood Pressure Chart and Trackers
·         Remedies list
·         Immunization schedule
·         Immunization records (copies and/or originals)


·         Pregnancy check up schedule
·         Layette List
·         Newborns: Tahneek, Duaa, Aqeedah fact sheet


·         Guest preparation checklist
·         Guest preparation shopping list
·         Duaa of the guest for the host


·         Vitals Information for each family member
·         Photocopies of birth/death certificates
·         Marriage certificate copies
·         Power of Attorney Form
·         Passport & Visa Copies
·         Social SecurityCard Copies
·         Driver’s License Copies

First Aid

·         First Aid Kit List
·         First Aid Safety Sheets

Do you have a household management book, binder, notebook? Do you have some items on here that I haven't included? Would love to hear about them!


  1. Salaam aleikum,
    a sister told me about your blog, because I am interested in making a household management book. You have a nice blog and I will follow you from now on.
    Thank you, wa aleikum salaam.

  2. as salaamu alaykum,
    I hope you find it helpful in putting togther your household management book. Mine is coming along nicely alhamdulillah and its such a big help already though I have more to add.

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